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lasik surgery cost

Surgery fee includes indication test, pre-operative test, pre- and post-operative medication costs, safety glasses, and medical examination up to 3 months check-up

  • LASIK surgery is not covered by insurance (National Health Insurance and Social Insurance cannot be applied).

  • Surgery costs may be covered by life insurance benefits. For details, please contact your life insurance company.

  • Please pay 3,000 yen at the time of the adaptation test, and the balance (surgery fee - 3,000 yen) on the day of surgery.

  • After 3 months after the surgery, the examination will be done separately.

  • Credit card payment is possible. 〈VISA, JCB only〉

About revision surgery

  • It is performed when nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness remains.

  • Carefully decide whether or not to perform revision surgery.

  • The first revision surgery is free of charge (guarantee period is 3 years).


Surgery benefit/Medical expense deduction

surgery benefit

◆Contact your insurance company.

LASIK surgery may be covered by surgery benefits for life and medical insurance. Eligible conditions, benefits, etc. vary depending on the contract details, so please contact your insurance company. Please tell us "LASIK Surgery" or "Myopia Correction Surgery".


medical expense deduction

◆ Applying for medical expenses deduction with a final tax return

*In principle, we do not reissue receipts. Please keep it in a safe place.

If the medical expenses paid by you or your family members who share the same livelihood in one year (January to December) exceed 100,000 yen (this may differ depending on your income), you will not be taxed if you file a final tax return. You may receive a refund. Apply with the receipt that you will receive at the time of surgery. For more information, please contact your local tax office.


* LASIK surgery is not covered by the high-cost medical expense system because it is a private practice.

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