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 Nakahira Eye Clinic


We provide myopia treatment in Okayama City, which has the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.


​ Those who do not fit contact lenses

Those who want to live with naked eyes

​those who are bothered by glasses

​Please consult about myopia correction treatment

For those who want myopia correction surgery
Those who wish to undergo surgery or want to know indicationsAdaptive testBook aPlease.
For those who want to know more about LASIKFree briefing sessionis being implemented.
Document request/inquiryteethhere

Nakahira Eye Clinic Director Hiromasa Nakahira

Japanese Ophthalmological Society ophthalmologist

Both myself and the staff at our clinic have undergone LASIK and are living with the naked eye.


Our hospital started LASIK in 2005 in Okayama City. I sometimes hear that "ophthalmologists themselves do not undergo LASIK", but there are many ophthalmologists who have undergone LASIK, including Our staff also received LASIK surgery at our clinic and are living without glasses. We offer a wide range of surgical techniques to choose the best for your eyes. We have also introduced Eye LASIK with high correction accuracy to treat irregular astigmatism. We are constantly pursuing comfortable vision with the future in mind.

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myopia correction surgery

myopia correction surgery

What kind of surgery is LASIK?

myopia correction surgery

Can anyone do LASIK?

Various LASIK techniques

Free briefing session

​Learn more about LASIK. Please feel free to join us

surgery cost

LASIK will be free medical treatment. From 180,000 yen for both eyes

2023/2/18 (Sat) LASIK free information session

At the information session, we will answer your questions and make it easier for you to understand LASIK. Those who are considering myopia treatment, those who are interested in LASIK, etc.Please feel free to join us.For more informationherefrom here.

​Request for new coronavirus infection prevention measures in the waiting room

  • I have you leave the interval of the seat and sit down
  • In the case of congestion, you may be asked to wait in your car, etc.
  • We ask that you visit us by appointment
  • ​Please come 10 minutes before the reservation time
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