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Precautions for life after surgery

After surgery, you will be required to wear clear protective glasses for one week.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Precautions for life after surgery

Please rest well after surgery.


After the surgery, you will rest in the hospital and then go home after being examined by a doctor.

The next day I will have a medical examination and a simple test.


In order to check the condition of the cornea after surgery and the recovery of vision, you will be required to undergo a medical examination and examination on the next day.


Please be cautious for a week after surgery.


It will take some time for the eye to stabilize. Please try to live a life that does not strain your eyes, such as by rubbing your eyes. We will give you protective glasses, so please wear them for one week after surgery to protect your eyes from dust and unexpected impacts. Please refrain from eye makeup for 1 week. You can apply make-up on other areas from the day after surgery.




After surgery, follow your doctor's instructions and take the prescribed medicines as prescribed. Please note that if you reduce or discontinue the medicine at your own discretion, complications may occur.



Bathing is possible from the night of surgery. You can do it from the neck down, but please do not get your eyes wet. Lightly wipe your face.




Light exercise (e.g. jogging) is possible after one week. Avoid swimming or strenuous sports for about a month.


driving a car or motorcycle


Please be careful for about 1 week.




Please refrain from using it for about a week.


Protect your eyes from UV rays


Living without eyesight can lead to cataracts. After surgery, please wear sunglasses or Meoguard (protective glasses given at our hospital) when you go out.

*Meoguard blocks 99% of UV rays.

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