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  LASIK procedure

There are many ways to correct myopia. We believe that it is desirable to select the optimal surgical procedure that suits the individual, such as the presence or absence of astigmatism and the thickness and strength of the cornea.

Medical equipment used in LASIK

  • Femtosecond laser: a device (laser) that creates a flap

  • Microkeratome: A device (blade) that creates a flap

  • Wavescan: measure and analyze eye strain

  • ​S4IR: Corrective Corneal Laser

Features of LASIK procedure



  • 夜間の視野が良い
  • 乱視、特に不正乱視がある方に
  • レーザーでフラップ作製することにより合併症が軽減
  • 角膜だけでなく、眼球すべてのゆがみをコンピューターが解析
  • 眼球の動きを3次元追尾する3Dアクティブトラック機能
  • ​​使用機器:フェムトセカンドレーザー・ウェイブスキャン・S4IR



  • 乱視、特に不整乱視がある方に
  • 角膜だけでなく、眼球すべてのゆがみをコンピューターが解析(ウェイブスキャン)
  • 眼球の動きを3次元追尾する3Dアクティブトラック機能
  • ハロー、グレアが殆どなく夜間の視野が良い
  • 高度近視や角膜の薄い人は手術できないことがある(マイクロケラトーム使用)
  • ​​​使用機器:マイクロケラトーム・ウェイブスキャン・S4IR



  • フェムトセカンドレーザー使用
  • 近視の強い方
  • 角膜の薄い方
  • 不正乱視のない方 
  • ​​使用機器:フェムトセカンドレーザー・S4IR



  • 近視手術・レーシックが始まった時から行われているクラシックな術式
  • 近視の強くない方
  • 角膜に十分な厚みのある方(マイクロケラトーム使用)
  • 不正乱視のない方
  • ​使用機器:マイクロケラトーム・S4IR
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About the flap

The flap protects the post-operative scars, reducing post-operative pain and speeding up the recovery of visual acuity. It is in a stable state after 3 months due to the suction force with the corneal endothelium.

Features of laser-fabricated flaps


Created with a microkeratome (blade)


Created with a femtosecond laser


・The cross section is clean

・Uniform, thin, high-strength flap

・There is little irregular astigmatism, and from the next day

The appearance is dramatically better.

・Flap fits well and does not slip off easily

・Complications are reduced

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Benefits of Eye LASIK

■Surgery that can correct high-order aberrations

Higher order aberration is a technical term for eye distortion. When high-order aberrations increase, objects appear blurry. If you want to make the image clear and easy to see, it is necessary to reduce high-order aberrations. iLASIK makes this possible. Eye LASIK reduces this high-order aberration by creating a flap with a laser and making full use of the wavefront laser system. This system allows you to create a clearer field of view.

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■ The difference between custom-made LASIK and conventional LASIK

Custom-made LASIK is Eye LASIK and Wavefront LASIK. Femtosecond LASIK becomes Conventional LASIK.

If you compare both types of LASIK to shoes, would custom-made LASIK be a shoe made by making a wooden mold of your own foot, and conventional LASIK be a ready-made shoe? Small fitting will be different.

■ Wave scan with important points for successful LASIK

① Astigmatism can be corrected

Astigmatism greatly affects postoperative vision. In order to correct this, it is necessary to measure the distortion of the entire eye with high precision during the inspection stage (order-made). Wavescan is used for this measurement. Highly accurate correction data including astigmatism is created.

(2) 3D active track function that corrects artificial misalignment during surgery

In any surgical procedure, laser irradiation is used to correct myopia, but during surgery, even the slightest movement of the line of sight can cause the eye to move, causing the center to blur. Aligning the laser manually to minute eye movements can be difficult. The 3D active track function is a function that the machine corrects even a slight artificial deviation and follows it correctly.

3. Automatic correction of eye rotations that cannot be adjusted by human hands IR function

Posture during examination is different from posture during surgery. When a person lies on their back, their eyes rotate (rotate), and the angle of astigmatism in the test data is automatically adjusted to that state (the test data is measured while sitting).

This wavefront laser system, which measures slight distortion with high precision and reliably connects the data to laser irradiation, is necessary to reduce high-order aberrations and achieve a higher quality field of view than conventional vision. will be

High-order aberrations are small and clearly visible


High-order aberrations appear large and blurry

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