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Many people are concerned about the pain associated with eye surgery. Our clinic treats pain and anxiety with more than enough nerves.



Addressing Pain and Anxiety

pain relief eye drops and oral medication


Before surgery, you will be given anesthetic eye drops several times, and you will be asked to take pain relievers that do not harm your physical condition so that you do not feel pain. After the surgery, we will prescribe painkiller eye drops and oral medicine, so please use them at home if you feel any pain. The staff will explain in detail how to use it.

Surgery simulation experience


At the second examination of LASIK surgery, we will simulate the surgery and practice the surgery. You can lie down on the actual operating table and go under the laser machine to experience the surgery and learn how the surgery is performed, so you can have peace of mind.

The operating doctor provides treatment from preoperative to postoperative


Before and after surgery, you can talk to the operating doctor and discuss any concerns you may have. Even during the operation, we sense how the patient feels anxiety and pain, and respond carefully.

Infectious disease control in the operating room


Equipped with a high-performance HEPA filter to create a clean room

The operating room is CLASS10000 << clean room >>

Purifies the air for 24 hours 


The operating room adopts a “clean room” that controls temperature, humidity, and airborne dust. It is as clean as a hospital operating room. The result of the drop bacteria test in the operating room is 0, which proves that the high clean room standard is maintained.


Thorough hygiene management

Surgical instruments are disinfected and sterilized with the utmost care using a high-pressure steam sterilizer (autoclave) and a gas sterilizer that uses a higher degree of sterilization gas and high heat.

All surgical instruments in contact with the surgical site are disposable products.

Antibiotic eye drops are given to the patient for several days before the surgery to prevent infection.





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