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my lasik experience


Naked life from 43 years old


Myopia that started in junior high school,

When I was in high school, I completely wore glasses.

Whether eating ramen or swimming in the pool,

I couldn't help but feel inconvenient.


So I tried contact lenses,

I have astigmatism and wear hard contact lenses.

This hurts when dust gets in your eyes! pain!

And my eyes were always bloodshot.

I wanted to be a doctor,

"I'll become an ophthalmologist and cure myopia!"

I made up my mind.

(LASIK surgery was not yet available)


To undergo surgery and to cure the patient's nearsightedness

I have been working on studying and mastering LASIK surgery.

Decades from junior high school, I had my long-awaited LASIK surgery! !

The day has finally come when I can spend my days naked.


Looking at the red lamp of the machine in front of me during surgery

It took about 10 minutes, and it was over while it was called Arayo Arayo.

Immediately after surgery, the vision was about 0.2,

In the evening of the surgery day, I could see things on the dining table.

After sleeping overnight, the next morning, I was surprised to see the letters on the wall clock.

Is there. My eyesight was about 1.0, and I could drive a car without glasses.


Surgery is not as painful as you think.

I have operated on many people so far,

I am very happy that you were impressed by how comfortable it looks.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone's eyesight improve every time.


See you in the operating room.



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